Solstice Celebration

Celebrate the day of the solstice, the shortest day of the year with some rhythm and sound. All in a nice cozy safe environment.. Plenty of candles to light the darkness! On the night there will be sounds and rhythms from Tibetan singing bowls, native American drums and more. A nice way to bring the…

Energy of Drumming

Using the energy of drumming requires focus, visualization, and intent. These three things can, when synchronized, with the rhythm of the energy you create when drumming, cause wonderful changes to happen all around you. Each tone the drum makes is a different vibration. Each vibration corresponds to an energy type. The nature of the combination…

Black Elk

The song and the drumming were like this: Behold, a sacred voice is calling you; All over the sky a sacred voice is calling. Black Elk

Ten Reasons to Drum for Your Health

Take some time to read this for World mental health day, it’s for any day of the week! Ten Reasons to Drum for Your Health 1. Drumming is for everyone Drumming does not require advanced physical abilities or specialized talents. It does not require participants to read music or understand music theory. Drumming, even a…

Can Drumming heal the monkey mind?

Even one session of meditation, focused on a drum’s beat, demonstrates how powerful this ancient meditation method can be in our stressful modern lives. more

Drumming group

Drumming in Kilkenny every Wednesday night. Ideal for everyone including beginners, rhythms are simple and groovy and it’s a nice easy atmosphere to chill out and play drums. So if you ever wanted to try it out come along. Drums supplied or bring one if you have one. €10 7pm. Call/txt 0879849585

Rhythm Healing

A nice page to connect with if you’re on facebook 🙂